Basic Entrepreneurship Program

Centro’s Basic Entrepreneurship Program mirrors our Business Planning App. The program is delivered in-person by a facilitator or business coach who complements the syllabus using Centro's signature Entrepreneurship Workbook.  


  • 27 hours of in-class training on basic business competencies
  • Delivered using Centro's Business Planning App
  • Led by a facilitator trained to enrich in class discussion, encourage 360 feedback, and foster critical thinking


  • Gain basic knowledge of business concepts
  • Create a basic business plan
  • Work in collaboration with a small group of other local entrepreneurs 
  • Broaden your professional network


  • Display a genuine dedication to starting or growing a business
  • Seek profit and provide social benefit to your community

Want to Apply?

If you are interested in joining the Basic Entrepreneurship Program, find a Centro Affiliate near you. They will follow up with the details of their admissions process and any additional requirements they may have.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Arturo Noriega at

Looking for an Advanced Program for Entrepreneurs?

Centro's Entrepreneur Readiness Program might be the right fit for you.

Testimonials from Former Participants

Centro’s app will help me help more artists with disabilities.
— Nel, developing a work-space for artists with disabilities in Colombia
My hometown is so remote that I did not grow up using much technology. I was afraid of using the app, but I wanted to try because I know how important it is in the business world.
— Celestina, dressmaking business owner in Peru
I have learned to save and pay attention to my spending. My husband had always done this, and now I do it too.
— Beatriz Cinfuentes, from Colombia
I learned the most playing “The Golden Circle” and from Arturo’s finance session. These teachings have made a huge difference in my personal and professional life.
— Susana Yarce, from Colombia