Largest Kiva Zip Loan Ever: AйDa Piroshki Will Soon Open in Haight-Ashbury

We first met Anna at a workshop held by La Cocina and were taken by her amazing energy and, eventually, her delicious piroshki. We invited her to join Centro’s Entrepreneurship Readiness Program and have been truly impressed with her professional growth.

Her goal is to one day bring her piroshkis to all the neighborhoods of San Francisco, and she is well on her way. Anna opened her first AйDa Piroshki kiosk in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood in 2011. After Centro’s program, she received a Kiva Zip loan for $5,000 to help her purchase a vehicle to expand her catering business. Seeing AйDa Piroshki grow, develop loyal customers, and have happy employees has been a joy to Centro’s team and an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs.

With a deeper understanding of management, over the last year, Anna has been able to prove that her vision can become a reality. She has now refined her processes to a point where AйDa Piroshki can exist in multiple locations and be well run.

AйDa Piroshki’s Expansion and $25,000 Kiva Zip Loan

Anna is now expanding her business and opening a kiosk station in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. Today, She has just launched her second Kiva Zip loan – for $25,000 – to help with the opening of her second location. In partnership, La Cocina and Centro are endorsing Anna for this loan. La Cocina is an organization that helps cultivate low-income food entrepreneurs as they formalize and grow their businesses by providing the resources and support they need. Anna first enrolled in La Cocina’s program in 2010 and then continued on with Centro’s program in 2011. She has continuously worked closely with both organizations throughout the launch and growth of her business.

Our Joint Endorsement with La Cocina

Anna has a wonderful working relationship with both organizations. Along with opening her second location, the loan will allow her to hire additional employees. She was on time with all of her monthly repayments with her previous Kiva Zip loan and was great at communicating with her lenders.

After working with Anna for the last two years, we can attest to the quality of her food, passion, and work ethic. La Cocina and Centro fully endorse Anna for this Kiva Zip loan. We can’t wait to see Anna bring her tasty piroshkis to all the neighborhoods of San Francisco.

If you are in the City, stop by AйDa Piroshki and have a piroshki and meet Anna!

See Anna’s profile on Kiva Zip and support her with a loan of $25* or more >>
* Any amount you lend her by June 21st – using the link above – will be multiplied by 3!

Kiva Zip

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Update 6/21/13:

After just two weeks, we have already reached over 50% of Anna’s Kiva Zip loan. It’s wonderful to see such an active and giving community, and the conversation between Anna and her lenders has been great to follow.

Update 7/17/13:

Anna’s $25,000 Kiva Zip loan has been funded! Roughly 500 people have lent to Anna from the joint communities of KivaLa Cocina and Centro, not to mention all of her loyal supporters. We’re looking forward to Anna’s Haight Street opening soon!

Update 2/19/14:

AйDa Piroshki’s second location is now up and running at Second Act!
Stop by and pick-up a delicious piroshki if you’re in the neighborhood:

  • 1727 Haight Street (between Shrader Street and Cole Street)

Join us and participate in Anna’s loan today!