2015 Wins and 2016 Goals in Support of Small Business Entrepreneurs

With pride and excitement, we share some incredible milestones Centro has reached rooting for underserved small business entrepreneurs - our biggest trophies during our 5th year anniversary! In 2015, we:  

  • Reported sales of $100K or more from a third of all the small business entrepreneurs who have graduated from our advanced training program.

  • Exported our mobile-led entrepreneurship training methodology for low-income women and minorities to Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Ukraine.

  • Created a basic entrepreneurship-training curriculum that our partners can adapt for their communities anywhere they are, and use it together with our app.

  • Delivered almost 600 business plans through Centro’s Business Planning Mobile App, two thirds of which were created by women.

  • Were awarded a Google Impact Challenge grant, which placed us among Google.org’s top 25 non-profit organizations building a better Bay Area.

These incredible milestones set the stage for 2016 as we empower even more small business entrepreneurs around us and beyond.  

This year, we will:

  • Provide a Basic Entrepreneurship Training program in English and Spanish and more Continuing Education for Bay Area micro and small business entrepreneurs.

  • Launch an international campaign for Centro’s Business Planning App reaching thousands of women and aspiring small business owners in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

  • Supplement our Advanced Entrepreneurship Program by way of developing new online training and small business consulting tools for the students and their MBA Advisors.

We can’t wait to continue sharing, collaborating and walking this walk together.

Please support small business owners by buying and recommending their products and services, and support our work fostering this important and great community of gifted, smart and courageous individuals.