785 Business Plans Created with Centro's Business Planning App

We are excited to share that in 2015, Centro's Business Planning App helped 785 small business entrepreneurs complete a professional digest of their business plans using just their smartphones. Here's an overview of who they are and what they are saying!

Our goal for 2016 is to launch a domestic and international campaign to re-double the reach of the Business Planning App in the US, Canada and Latin America, putting more small business owners on a path to independence and success.

More about Centro's Business Planning App

The Centro Business Planning App was created as a step-by-step guide so that anyone with a smartphone, regardless of their background or business experience, could develop a comprehensive business plan. 

Wether you are starting a new small business or growing an existing one, the Business Planning App will help you organize your business essentials, and enable you to further develop them as your business progresses. 

The App is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Try it today!