Business Clubs for Youth in Moldova Using Centro's Business Planning App

Oleg, one of our partner entrepreneurship trainers at our new affiliate organization in Moldova, Kingdom Paradigm.

Oleg, one of our partner entrepreneurship trainers at our new affiliate organization in Moldova, Kingdom Paradigm.

Last week Centro launched its first Basic Entrepreneurship Training pilot in Moldova! We are partnering with Kingdom Paradigm, a local social enterprise working to empower small business entrepreneurs and facilitating both personal and community transformation.

The first phase of this pilot project is to create a business club for youth (ages 16-18) who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. The pilot is using Centro’s Basic Entrepreneurship Training program and Business Planning App (available today in Russian) to provide an 8-week course on-site. During the program participants will develop a basic business plan, conduct an MVP test to validate their business concept and present their business ideas to Kingdom Paradigm.

The goal of the program is to teach participants the skills needed to start a business and to identify two business concepts for Kingdom Paradigm to invest in and help launch.

Business Clubs for Youth

After the pilot is completed, Kingdom Paradigm's intention is to establish other business clubs at several local schools and colleges that offer ongoing business workshops. At these clubs, Centro's Business Planning App will also be used to help more young people test their business concepts, develop their business models and start more small businesses in the country.

Tailored Advanced Business Training

The second phase of the pilot also includes working with Kingdom Paradigm’s existing clients who have already received investments but could benefit from reviewing their business objectives and practices. In this case, a tailored version of Centro’s Entrepreneurship Readiness Program will provide advanced entrepreneurship training and mentoring to established small business owners who want to improve their business skills, and create plans to grow their businesses.

Centro will create the advanced training curriculum, train Kingdom Paradigm’s trainers on how to implement it, and provide oversight and support to its trainers as they conduct their first program.

Cross-Cultural Leader: DJ Healy

Before joining Centro, DJ worked in Eastern Europe for 5 years as a Peace Corps volunteer and English teacher. Realizing the immense potential for entrepreneurs in this part of the world, and after investing almost a decade developing relationships with local organizations and entrepreneurs, DJ has provided Centro with the stepping stones to help the country’s young and burgeoning entrepreneurs.

We look forward to continue providing them with the tools and skills they need to start and grow their own businesses, in their own language.