Free Bookkeeping Session for Small Business Entrepreneurs

You just finished your taxes and it took much more time than necessary, the process was cumbersome and you felt somewhat out of control. After all, there are so many other important things on your plate!

If this sounds anything like your experience and you are a small business owner, this opportunity is for you. Whether you are just starting or your business is growing, now is the time.

Free Learning Opportunity: Bookkeeping made easy

This is a practical and instructive session offered by our friends at Strength in Numbers Bookkeeping Cooperative, specifically designed for small business owners.

  • When: Thursday, May 12th 2016 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm

  • Where: Centro Community Partners (825 Washington Street, Suite 228. Oakland, CA 94607)

  • RSVP: Please email DJ Healy at by Monday, May 10th to confirm your attendance. 

Bookkeeping for sole proprietors is often an overwhelming and therefore neglected process, resulting in tax filing being a stressful process, with large payments owed, and sometimes penalties and late filing.

If you’ve avoided all of that, congratulations!  Come and share what worked for you with your fellow entrepreneurs.  You may still want to tune up your bookkeeping, and build on your good start.

Together, we'll review:

Estimated taxes

  • How much to set aside so you won’t owe when you file your taxes.


  • Design your bookkeeping to ease tax filing, and have your reports tell you other information you care about.

  • How to discourage an IRS auditor (bore them and they’ll go away faster).

  • What type  of bookkeeping program fits you and your business?


  • What you need, to document expenses properly for the IRS.
  • Why a shoe box is a good beginning, and how to get better.

  • How long to keep your records.

Entertainment/Meals & Travel

  • Definitions, what is deductible and how much is deductible, and what the IRS requires to support the expense.

Employees vs. Contractors

  • Why you should care and how to know.


  •  How to begin saving for retirement.

This may seem like a lot, but the beautiful thing is that it is not! Come and get organized, prepare to grow and make your entrepreneurial venture a success from beginning to end. 

Space is Limited

Please RSVP to DJ Healy at by Monday, May 10th to make sure we have a spot for you.