Free Tax Preparedness Workshop for Small Businesses

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Small business entrepreneurs can encounter many challenges as they plan and run their businesses simultaneously, usually spending most of their time tending to customers and "putting out fires." For months-at-a-time, accounting and tax preparedness can take the "back seat," until they sneak up as an immediate need once a year.

If you are wondering what you should have done throughout the year to make sure you are ready to file your taxes on time, please join us for this free workshop led by Mayfield Accounting. You will not only receive advice on how best to organize in preparation for either working with a tax preparer or using at-home software, but you will also learn a lot about the inner-workings of your business, and feel more confident about making decisions to improve it.


  • Title: Business Tax Basics for Startups
  • Who is this workshop for: All small business entrepreneurs - Centro students, alumni and anyone running a small business who needs help.
  • When: Wednesday, March 15th 2017
  • Time: 5 - 7 pm
  • Place: Centro Community Partners Office in Oakland, CA
  • Free of charge


  • How to meet all the tax compliance requirements for your startup.
  • Pros and cons of each type of business structure.
  • How to navigate and plan for various business related filings, including entity/income returns, sales tax and payroll.
  • What supporting documents you need to maintain to ensure proper preparation of your income tax returns.
  • Strategies on how to organize and manage your documents, and reduce the clutter. 


Please contact Irina Kurtsevaya at to ask any questions you may have or let her know you will attend.


Mayfield Accounting is a small business accounting and consulting firm, dedicated to the development and growth of female-owned businesses. "It is our belief that within every woman lies the power to make the  world a better place, and at Mayfield we deploy the practical application of this belief by using our  knowledge and training to improve the performance of businesswomen." say founders Lindsay Hiken and Joy Pang. 

Lindsay and Joy come from a variety of educational and experiential backgrounds ranging from Big 4 public accounting, to post baccalaureate work in the fields of business administration and accounting, to hands-­on experience as entrepreneurs and small business owners. This diversity allows them to be more than just number crunchers for their clients: they are advisors, confidants, partners...and yeah, they are good at crunching the numbers too!

We're lucky to have Lindsay and Joy lead this workshop for you!