You Know Your Business Can Grow More.
Try the Business Planning App.

A smarter business plan built on your phone, for free

Centro's Business Planning App is the first and only mobile app that helps you organize your business and prepare you to take the actions necessary to continue growing it. Following simple activities and step-by-step questions, the app will:

  • Define your current business model
  • Create a budget that can grow with the business
  • Compose a business plan for your next phase

The Business Planning App can also assess your creditworthiness and determine which small business lender is a fit for your growth plans.

Download the business planning app for free

The Business Planning App is:

Easy to Use

No special knowledge required to:

  • Follow a guided process designed to build-up your business idea
  • Answer basic questions about you
  • Structure your business plan, and request a write-up version to save and share


Download it on your phone or tablet to:

  • Complete the business plan at your own pace anywhere you are
  • Make changes anytime you get new information or your business evolves
  • Store your business information securely 


The Business Planning App helps you:  

  • Understand your business model
  • Seek advice by sharing your plan with anyone you want
  • Assess your credit, give you next steps to improve it or match you to a small business loan officer

Go from Small to Great. We're Here to Help:

We are stewards in the field of mobile apps for business planning, designed specifically for individuals who lack time or expert knowledge for creating and growing small businesses.

Centro Community Partners is a non-profit organization based in Oakland, California partially funded by technology partners and eBay Inc Foundation who are supporting the development of the Business Planning App. We do this with a single goal in mind: to provide small business entrepreneurs in California with affordable, culturally appropriate and high-impact enterprise-building tools they can use on their phones and tablets.


the future of your small business is here.