Basic Entrepreneurship
Education Suite

Ready-to-use quality entrepreneurship education for organizations supporting aspiring and current small business owners who lack any business education or experience.

The Basic Entrepreneurship Education Suite's goal is to provide a complete high-impact enterprise-building resource that is widely accessible, easy to use and smart.

All-in-one solution


From lesson planning blueprints to training sessions for facilitators to 7-days-a-week technical support, as an organization, you will get everything you need to expand your current entrepreneurship training program or start a new one like an expert.

For business coaches

Get the tools and training you need to coach any small business entrepreneur. The Business Planning app and its signature Entrepreneurship Workbook are purposefully designed for rising entrepreneurs regardless of the nature of  business or personal background.


Start or revamp

Start your own Basic Entrepreneurship Training Program or revamp your existing one to better serve your entrepreneurs, and make it more cost-efficient for you. 

Program Length

  • Designed for a 9-week standard training program
  • Expand for up to a 4-month workshop series for beginners
  • Compress for a 1 or 2 day entrepreneurship bootcamp


Available today in Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Select the plan that's right for you

Upgrade any plan and receive

ad-hoc consulting

We will help you customize the curriculum to blend it with any current training programs, culturally adapt it, or adjust it for your community.


We will travel to your location and create an exclusive training for all your facilitators.

Subscriptions and upgrades

Please contact Arturo A. Noriega at  with any questions you may have, and for information about subscriptions and plan upgrades. We are also happy to answer any questions about our current curriculum, learning and teaching tools, and the support we provide to organizations.