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Our Basic Entrepreneurship Program teaches entrepreneurs to think strategically, helps them analyze their market and supports their understanding of business operations. It also equips participants with lessons on personal and business finance, giving first-time small business entrepreneurs the foundation they need to create a comprehensive business plan.


Our Advanced Entrepreneurship Program prepares participants to grow their small businesses to reach $100K in annual revenue. Throughout the program, participants work with fellow entrepreneurs and MBA student advisors to analyze their current business models, develop improvement goals and execute plans to achieve their goals during and after the program.

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Our free Business Planning App walks small business entrepreneurs through a series of intuitive and simple activities that result in a complete business plan, and allows them to access up to $10K in capital. The app is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian for Apple and Android devices. Download it on your phone or tablet and try it out today.


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We're passionate about people everywhere with small businesses.

We believe that with the appropriate tools, guidance and access to capital, we can restore the sense of power in underserved entrepreneurs, uplift their livelihoods and create healthier communities.
— The Centro Team