Where Microlenders Connect With Fundable Small Businesses


Centro Community Partners is a forward-thinking nonprofit that supports small business entrepreneurship and created the only mobile app that connects small business entrepreneurs with the know-how and the capital they need to succeed.


We Connect You With Pre-qualified Borrowers Near You


We firmly believe small business creation is the foundation of strong economies and vibrant communities. We support this vision by using technology to connect microlenders with small business entrepreneurs who are a fit for their lending programs.

Here is How it Works

Small business entrepreneurs download the free Centro Business Planning App to prepare their business plans and receive expert advice. And when they need financial support to further develop their businesses, we connect them to the most fitting microlenders in our network.  



Join the Network

Enroll as an authorized microlender in your area. We will need your lending criteria and the credit requirements of your lending program.


Get Better Leads

Every time an entrepreneur requests funding through the app and meets your criteria, you will receive his contact info and an executive summary of his business plan.


Close More Loans

Increase your rate of loan applications to successful borrowers. We’ll collect a one-time fee of 1-3% of the loan amount, only when a lead becomes a client.   


Contact Us to Request a Demo

Please contact our Customer Success & Partnerships Lead, Estefania Cardona, to learn more about Centro Community Partners, our network of microlenders, and to request a demo. 

estefania@centrocommunity.org+1 (510) 556-4249