We foster socioeconomic change by providing business advisory services and leadership programs to rising yet underserved entrepreneurs who want to launch or grow their businesses and create jobs in their communities.



As a 501c3 non-profit organization, our mission is to build thriving communities by providing underserved, low-income entrepreneurs with entrepreneurship education, one-on-one business advising, mentorship, and access to capital.

Why we exist

There are basic entrepreneurship programs that help aspiring small business entrepreneurs develop their business ideas. However, many of their graduates still need help to get to the point where they can fully launch or grow their business.

Whether they are ineligible for financing or need help to further develop a profitable or realistic business model they can act on, Centro recognized this gap and created the Advanced Entrepreneurship Program - a next-step program to provide these rising entrepreneurs with the advanced business education they need. Entrepreneurs also benefit from one-on-one advising from graduate-level business school students who are trained by Centro to become small business consultants.

Learn more about our Basic Entrepreneurship Program and our next-level training, the Advanced Entrepreneurship Program.

Theory of Change

Our steps-to-prosperity model begins with the idea that all individuals have the capacity to break the cycle of poverty and build thriving communities through entrepreneurship, as long as they have access to educational and financial products that are tailored to their needs, and are culturally appropriate.

We believe that the development of healthy small businesses, particularly those owned and run by low-income and underserved individuals, is one of the most effective sources of economic and social benefits. These benefits flow efficiently from entrepreneurs to families and neighbors, transforming entire communities. This theory informs all our signature programming as well as the products we develop.       

View below the graphic essay describing our theory of change.


Every entrepreneur who graduates from Centro’s Advanced Entrepreneurship Program, leaves with a plan to reach $100,000 in sales within three years. By empowering these entrepreneurs, Centro is not only helping them create a living wage for their families, but also the roadmap to create sustainable jobs for others in their communities.

Now, with Centro's global stewardship developing entrepreneurship education through mobile apps, we are creating the tools that will empower thousands of small business entrepreneurs well beyond the San Francisco Bay Area. We hope others join us in setting them up for success through the use of mobile technology available across the world. 

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