Entrepreneurship Education, Enterprise Development & Financial Literacy

We train underserved, low-income and minority entrepreneurs to help them start, develop and grow their businesses. We also support graduate business school students become small business consultants.

Basic Entrepreneurship Program

Centro's Basic Entrepreneurship Program was designed for individuals primarily in the idea stage of their business and who have not been exposed yet to any business education. The program is delivered through Centro's Global Network of Affiliates.  

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Centro's Advanced Entrepreneurship Program was purposefully created for those who have completed our Basic Entrepreneurship Program or similar training, have a portfolio of products or services, and want help developing a business model they can act upon. In addition to participating in weekly workshops, entrepreneurs are mentored by business students who are enrolled in Centro's Small Business Advisor Program.

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Small Business Advisor Program

Centro trains graduate business students to become business advisors and professional coaches. During the program, MBA candidates and other graduate business school students volunteer to work one-on-one with an entrepreneur in our Advanced Entrepreneurship Program to advise and coach them through the process of developing and executing their business plan. Advisors are also supported by a body of experienced professionals who give back to the community by serving as their mentors.

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Technology Solutions for Entrepreneurship

We are deliberate and passionate about producing novel solutions to address inequality in entrepreneurship through technology.

Centro Business Planning APP

The first free mobile app that helps you write a business plan, designed specifically for individuals who lack a formal business education or experience. Our app also helps small business entrepreneurs assess their creditworthiness and determine which micro-lender best suits their needs. Available for iOS and Apple devices in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.


Entrepreneurship Suite

The Entrepreneurship Suite is our all-in-one entrepreneurship methodology and compendium of resources created for business coaches and organizations who lead or want to launch entrepreneurship programs for their constituency. The Entrepreneurship Suite includes lesson plans supported by the Centro Business Planning App, resources for trainers and learning tools for entrepreneurs. Available in Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. 

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We also share our knowledge and experience with micro-finance institutions and entrepreneur development organizations everywhere.

Consulting services

Centro provides customized consulting services to other organizations working in the micro-finance and entrepreneurship development space. We work with these organizations to come up with solutions to systemic challenges.

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